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November - Wedding Celebrations!

November was an eventful month. We got married and celebrated our 10 year anniversary! There was a handful of celebrations - girls night/bachelorette at my place, my friends at work threw me a breakfast celebration, and our families threw us an awesome party and a BBQ, and of course there was Thanksgiving, my favorite Holiday! It was so much fun seeing all our extended family and friends this month. We had a civil union on a Friday and my sisters and brother in law threw us an awesome party the next day, which was originally supposed to be small gathering of just close family and friends... we ended up ordering 8 tables and 72 chairs! It was so much fun and wound up being a giant family reunion. We don’t get together often enough so it was awesome seeing my cousins and relatives I grew up with.

Wedding Parties and Decorations  The decorations for the party were made by my sisters and my niece Marissa, who is the class president and an ASB event organizer at her high school. They went a…

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