Still Working!

Two more weeks till the art drop off date at the museum! Here is what I accomplished over the week:

These are farther along - I'd say 70-80% complete
I didn't stick to my original plan of finishing up the exhibit artwork. A great opportunity presented itself, so now I'm working on another (digital) project over the weekend. Next week I'll be gone to San Francisco, I know its not the most ideal time to be taking vacation, but this is the only time permitting our schedules - my sister got accepted to Cal Maritime and has to make her decision in April. It'll be good to take a break and recharge. I don't know if I'll have time to post with the looming deadlines, so don't miss me too much :)

On a side track, here is a crafty side project I during girls night yesterday. My cousin was the sewing instructor and I she taught me how to make a pillow for my beach room/studio. I love it because it ties in the chocolate colored pillows with the rest of the bedroom palette.

See you next time!


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