Procrastinating on the Art

I fell off the art wagon again for about 2 weeks! I won't make any excuses, I wasn't too busy or anything, I was just being bad and I felt super guilty procrastinating even though I have a portfolio deadline next week. I know. On the plus side my artist statement is almost complete, just needs a few revisions and its good to go.

I'm about 90% finished with the avocado painting.  I'm still not finished painting the outer edges so I will go back to it at some point.

Detail of the avocados painting. I thought the thick white highlights were going to take long to dry but was surprised when the yellow took a week to dry!

I also started working on two other paintings. I drew the line drawing for a 12x16" tomato painting and another larger one which is going to be 16x20. Today I forced myself to pick up a paint brush and work on the tomatoes one. It's nowhere near finished, but I got farther along than I thought I would in one sitting.
I used lots of reds! Alizarin Crimson Permanent, Venetian Red and Napthol Scarlet (it was a free sample in my Gamsol set!)

The line drawing for the tomatoes painting  
 Mr. Gold, my studio suPURRvisor, making sure I work!
On the right is the 16x20" citrus drink painting I started. The plan is to work on more line drawings in the next few days for my portfolio. 

I took inventory of my canvases and discovered I have 5 left in stock, ranging from 8x8 to 24x36 inches. I have a couple usable sheets of bristol board left as so I'll probably do a few a more smaller color pencil drawings for this exhibit. My portfolio is due on Wednesday 1/31 so I have to include photos or concept drawings of the works I plan to exhibit. The finished artwork is due at the end of April. I need to get back in the regular routine and groove of studio time. Time to focused!


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