Where Have I Been in 2017?

It's been so long since I have been here. Lately I've been thinking a lot about this blog - how I've mostly abandoned it and how much I miss it! When I started writing this years ago (2011 while I was in college) it was supposed to be an art blog, to document my progress on projects. So I thought to myself "Is it still an art blog if I don't make art?" but I remembered I also wrote about other stuff too. Over the years this blog evolved to where I was writing about my experiences as a new professional artist, learning and figuring things out on my own.

Then I just stopped writing. I'll come clean, in the last 12 months I only made 1 drawing. ONE DRAWING! I've been away a lot longer than than I thought I would and it's been clawing in the back of my mind. After a lot of self-reflection I realized that I need to get back to creating things.

Gatto Chiaroscuro. 2017. Graphite drawing of Mr. Gold.

The good news is I'm back! (What works better than a deadline?) I entered the one drawing into the 2017 Ontario Open Art exhibit this spring and won an honorable mention award, which means I've been invited to exhibit in the 2018 Ontario Invitational Art Exhibit next May 😃. I don't have exact dates yet but the art will be due sometime in late April so I have to start working now to give myself enough time and enjoy it. I'm thinking of making color pencil drawings again.


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