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Finding Stability Amidst the Chaos and Uncertainty

The last year was filled with many unexpected changes, many which I never in a million years imagined. At the start of 2020 we were very excited and optimistic for the future with the decisions we made in our personal lives. In 2019, I took a full-time promotion in management at my current employer. This new position would allow me to grow professionally, and stabilize my income, which was something I always struggled with, even though I had a great PT day job in addition to being self-employed. I took this promotion with the intention that we would transition our new business into Tom’s hands so he could take over the bulk of the responsibilities. This would be the perfect time for him to jump into the world of self-employment as photographer and small business, to take that leap that we’ve been talking about him taking for years. Long Term and Big Decisions   I struggled internally for many, many years with myself on what I really wanted to do with the long-term direction my career

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