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Pet Portrait Competition - Help me win Art Supplies! Daily Votes til March 4

I fell off schedule on the art making and blogging! This week and last I've been working on some design projects so I've been neglecting my own art. I entered my drawing of Mr. Gold into the Dick Blick pet portrait competition. Help me win some art supplies by voting for my drawing from now through March 4. You can vote once every 24 hours. Mr. Gold and I appreciate your help 😼

This week I got confirmation from the Ontario Museum that 9 of the works have been selected for the exhibit. (I'm also happy to report that ALL 10 of Tommy's photos have been accepted into the show!) The ones I will be exhibiting are 4 drawings, 2 Oil paintings, and (all) 3 sculptures concepts I submitted. Although I had made some significant progress on the 3 pieces and they didn't make it into the show, I'll admit, I'm kind of relieved. Now I get to devote that time and energy into the sculptures and the other works in progress. Its been over a decade since I've done paper mâc…

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