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Back to the Carolinas -- May 2019 Trip to Charlotte

This May my company had a conference in a new location - Charlotte, North Carolina. I was really excited to travel to a new city! Originally Tommy and I had discussed that he would go with me and we would take a week-long road trip through the Carolinas and stop in Charleston (I've been wanting to go back ever since I went to my first conference in 2012). However things didn't go as we wanted - plane tickets were too expensive (about $800 round trip!), plus hotels, car rental, and food would easily add up to over $2,000+ over Memorial Day week alone so we decided he wouldn't go this time. We were bummed but that's how it goes sometimes 😕

Whenever I fly somewhere, I like to travel early around 6:00am-7:00am from my favorite airport, Ontario International (close to home, there's hardly ever traffic, its easy to get in and out of, plus it supports the local economy). When I got to Charlotte I didn't expect it to be so warm (a 20 degree difference), and I forgot …

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