Adding a Rope Background to My Cat’s Tree

I finally finished my sisal rope background for Mr. Gold’s cat tree. This project has been in progress for a long time, kind of like all my other DIY and creative projects this year. My brother custom built this cat tree for us as a wedding gift years ago. We had originally planned to paint or stain it, but since Mr. Gold really enjoys scratching the natural wood, we decided to leave it as is. When we moved into our house, I really liked how it fit into this space and it even complemented the light wood colored flooring that’s upstairs. I decided to add something in the background for Mr. Gold to scratch. Sisal rope sounded like a great idea, so I went with that option.

Close up picture of the cute cactus painted rocks against the new rope backdrop. I painted these back in 2015 and used them as a decorative plant for a long time. They were painted in the same style as the strawberry rocks.

The finished sisal rope texture on the wooden cat tree. On the bottom corners you can see where Mr. Gold enjoys scratching. 

At first, I tried using a staple gun to attach it, but quickly realized I’m not strong enough to control the pressure of the gun, and it left staples sticking out everywhere. I decided to use hot glue instead and glue the rope directly to the wood. I left a few strips on there for months to see if Mr. Gold would scratch it… he didn’t so I decided it would still look nice as an ornamental background. I love how the natural lighting, wood and texture look together. It feels cozy and rustic and makes me think of a log cabin in the woods. I also decided to decorate the middle shelf with my cute cactus painted rocks. I’m very happy with how this project turned out.

Before pictures from April. I started with one strip of rope to see if Mr. Gold would scratch it. He didn’t but he does enjoy using the cat tree a lot. He likes to sit there whenever I open the curtains to let in some natural light.

The cat tree now that its covered in sisal rope


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