This weekend I finished the donut sculpture. It's a little bigger than I was originally planning about 24-26" instead of the 21". It was fun making it, but it was also physically exhausting working on it. My back and legs were sore, and I had to take lots of stretch breaks. Unlike the Sundae, where I could leave it on my desk and easily work on it, I had to find random places to work on the donut, including the living room floor, my ottoman and the back of my chair. Needless to say, my living room is a mess right now and will stay that way until I finish the series. All the artwork is due to the Museum on April 28.

The donut. Of course I had to make it a pink glazed donut with sprinkles like the one's Homer is always eating in The Simpsons. My sister has already claimed this one, which is kind of a good thing since Mr. Gold is scared of it and I wouldn't know where to put it.

I made the sprinkles individually. Since I wasn't happy with how flat the peanuts looked on the Sundae sculpture I also made some peanuts and glued them to the sundae. This was a very tedious step. I had to make each sprinkle, ad a base coat and then go back and paint each one. I did all the same colors at once.
Since I learned from the Sundae that form should be done in 3D, (not just painted to look 3D) I went back and added the glaze drips. I'm really glad I went back for this step.

I've used so many different glues and adhesives. I bought some gloss Modge Podge and my cousin gave me some used bottles she had laying around from some old craft projects. I also used up the matte mediums I had which were almost dried out. I've found that a lot of my acrylic paints are completely dried out or very thick and almost there. The last time I used them was for the 2016 paintings. I guess the shelf life is about two years or so. So far I've only spent about $13 (on the white paint and the gloss Modge Podge).


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