DIY Garden Projects and the First Veggies

This month, I planted most of the plants into the last two levels of the GreenStalk planter and the tomatoes I grew from seed have finally started to thrive. The stems have gotten a lot thicker and a couple are even starting to grow little flower buds, which will hopefully bloom soon🤞. For a while there I didn’t think these would make it because the leaves kept falling off when I had them indoors. Turns out they really wanted to be outside in the sun!

I still have a few more herbs (cilantro and oregano) growing indoors that I need to put outside but I ran out of soil and don’t want to tempt myself with another trip to the garden center. I’ll admit that I got carried away and went overboard with all the plants so I’m planning to give some away because I won’t be able to eat all of this produce by myself!

Top & bottom left – you can see the tiny little buds on some of the cherry tomato plants. Right: My GreenStalk with all 5 tiers is really starting to get bushy and grow now! I had to add the plant support for the San Marzano tomatoes at the bottom, and you can see how the cucumber plant on the left side has vined up all the way to the top of the planter, compared to the picture below.

My GreenStalk a few days after I planted the last two levels. This picture is from mid June and you can really see how much the foliage has grown since. This is the side that gets direct sunlight. The middle layers have bell peppers and a jalapeño plant. I might need to rearrange the levels so the tomatoes at the top levels don’t block out the sun on the plants below once they get bigger and bushier.

Also from mid-June. This is the backside that gets mostly shade. I planted Marigolds and basil because they will do ok in partial shade. That tall plant in the middle with big leaves is broccoli. I hope it survives in the shade before the weather gets too hot 🤞. This year the spring had a lot cooler temperatures than usual.

My First Veggies

I have my first veggies growing! 😁 Yay! My San Marzano tomato plants have several little green tomatoes, the zucchini plant has 2 veggies, and I’ve spotted a lot of tiny cucumbers on the vines. So far 2 cucumbers are getting bigger and will be ready to harvest soon. It's so exciting seeing the plants develop their first fruits and veggies, especially the ones I’ve been growing directly from seeds! 

Pics from yesterday. You can see how the first zucchini and cucumbers have grown significantly compared to the photos below taken about 2 weeks ago. 

These pictures were from around June 12. Now I have a 2nd zucchini growing. That was the very first tiny cucumber I spotted on the vine! Now I find new ones everyday. 

DIY Plant Caddy/Cart

My brother built me a 20” x 20” plant caddy, a project that is easy for him since he’s so experienced in carpentry. I sanded it and painted it with brown exterior paint. After finishing up that DIY project it I put it in my garden and loaded it up with plants. I was surprised at how many big pots I could fit on it! I also love that I can move it and rotate it around as needed to chase after the sun. I don’t plant to keep all the plants that are on the caddy, but for now I put them there so they will get more direct sunlight.

The three round pots in the caddy are jalapeños and a Brandywine pink tomato plant for my parents. I have the zucchini and cherry tomatoes growing in here as well. I added the pot of Marigolds to help with the zucchini flower pollination. 


Flower Pot Garden

I potted more flowers I bought at the garden center. I decided to get more Marigolds to attract butterflies and bees into my garden, and to keep other pests away. I bought the tins and containers at thrift and dollar stores, then drilled some drainage holes at the bottom. I’m really loving how they look, they help brighten up my patio. Even the neighborhood cats like to hangout and enjoy my little garden. 

Top left - My strawberry plants. I repotted the 3rd strawberry plant into a hanging basket and replaced that spot with Marigolds. I’m not sure when the strawberries will get little buds but I wanted some bright flowers here to attract bees and butterflies for when they are ready. Also, I read that birds are scared of shiny and reflective things so the galvanized pot will work to keep them away in this spot. The plants are so bushy now you can’t even see the fake strawberry rocks anymore.


I had no idea how exciting and relaxing having a garden would be. Being outside with the plants lifts my mood so much. I’m really enjoying it a lot, and dreaming about the day I get to enjoy my first garden fresh tomato 🍅🤤😋



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