Drawing, Painting and Making Art Videos

This week I spent my time working on multiple drawings, one painting and putting together time-lapse videos of my work in progress. Here are some pictures and some videos.

Grapefruit drawing - I blocked in the large areas with my new prismacolor markers and then started going over some areas in color pencil. 

I started recording videos of the process for my drawings. I'm still trying to figure out the best set up and lighting but its a start. Watch the clip on my Facebook page.

I made the first grapefruit drawing video using iMovie but the music is limited to a few songs and when I would import multiple video clips it would place them out of order, which got kind of annoying since I had a lot of clips. Tommy recommeded I download a free video editing app called Splice. Its easy to use and has a much bigger selection of music, you can even use songs from your library.

Here is a color pencil drawing of the cupcake. I tried blocking in with marker but realized the colors I have on my set are way too dark, so I was only able to color in the yellow cupcake sleeve. It did help speed up that part. You can watch the time lapse video below.  

Cupcake Color Pencil Drawing from Andrea Benitez on Vimeo.
When I started feeling un-inspired with the cupcake drawing I moved on to this avocado painting. It was nice being able to cover such big areas in a short amount of time. I also like how I can blend easily since the oil paint takes a long time to dry. 

I should probably map out a few more line drawings so I can start working immediately when I feel stuck or uninspired to work on a particular piece. I want to make my studio time enjoyable so I'd rather not force myself to work on one particular piece at a time. 


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