Gators, Gators and More Gators!

I am back from Florida! The last week just flew by so fast. The conference went well and I attended many events throughout the show. It was fun seeing new attractions and the awesome decor for the receptions and events. Some photos of the trip below.

View from the plane as I was landing in the Orlando area

Some fresh fruit and cheese before my dinner

One of the meter signs I designed for a reception

I've never seen a donut wall as a party decoration! 

Since the conference ended early on Thursday afternoon at 1pm, I decided to go to Gatorland, its like a zoo/preserve with hundreds of gators, some tortoises, Florida Panthers, bob cats, a petting zoo, marsh birds, aviary, even snakes. I got the package where I was able to feed the gators some hotdogs, take a picture with a gator after the gator wrestling and ride the train. I had so much fun!

What a view! Palm trees, tropical walkways, birds and gators!

Young gators. I learned that gators grow about a foot a year for the first few years and they never stop growing.

Some cute baby gators.

When I was feeding the gators hot dogs, these giant Wood Storks were hanging around stealing the food! They have no shame.

This really smart Wood Stork was stalking me the entire time I was on this deck because I had hot dogs for the gators.

One of the cows in the petting barn

The cute little goat that ate part of my sweater!

They had three white gators - an albino and two leusistic gators (which are almost albinos with the exception of some spots). White gators are very rare since most of them don't survive on their own in the wild.

A gorgeous view of the marsh. You can see the zip line by the clouds. Maybe I'll do that next time ;)

I had such a fantastic time in Florida. The weather was nice and cool in the 60s and very low humidity. It was a great time of year to be there.


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