Master Copies

Here are some master copies Ive done of drawings/paintings by other artists. I really enjoy doing these its great practice! Master copies are perfect for when your in the mood to create but your lacking inspiration or ideas.
(Above) This one is a copy of Pig Destroyer's Phantom Limb album. The original artist is John Baizley who has also done work for many other bands. For my copy I used Acrylic and fine point Sharpies.
(Above) This ones a copy of Clark North's tattoo style painting. North is a tattoo artist based in Las Vegas, Nevada. I saw this painting at the Queen Mary a few years ago and loved it. My version was done in Acrylic and Marker on a 24x 36" canvas. (This pic is kind of dark, so I'll re-shoot it and upload a better version later).

(Above)This one is a copy of a high contrast photo I found online. Its from the old movie Nosferatu. This one was done in acrylic on 16x20" canvas.

(Above) This one is a copy of that old drawing, I'm not sure who the original artist is but its one of my favorite skeleton images on the web. I did my copy in graphite on 18x 24" drawing paper.

These two are copies of N.C. Wyeth. The top one was done in charcoal and the bottom in Acrylic.


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