Mini Vacation to San Jose

Hello! This past weekend was very busy and fun. I took a mini vacation out to San Jose to go see the Winchester Mystery House. The drive was about 6-7 hours, covering over 375 miles. We had lots of snacks and bathroom breaks. The Winchester mystery house was amazing, with beautiful but bizarre architecture and nice grounds. We did two guided tours and I enjoyed the Behind the Scenes tour better where they actually let you go under the basements! I was kind of surprised that the mansion is  located in the middle of a populated shopping, downtown area. The gift shop was very nice with beautiful items like jewelry, wine, clothes, souvenirs and other items. Here are some pictures of the outside of house, unfortunately they didn't allow any photography inside. 

The Door to Nowhere which leads to a two story drop

After visiting the Winchester House, on our way back we stopped by Alum Rock park in San Jose and then headed about 200 miles south to Pismo Beach. It was a nice beach where they let you drive your car onto the sand. Here are some pictures of those stops.


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