Reviation Vector Art Commercial

Hi Everyone! Here is a commercial by Reviation Industries for the new vector art collection called Maximum Pack #2 that was released earlier this summer.

I contributed many images to this collection and had a great time drawing them. Some of the images I contributed are the Day of the Dead girls, the aquatic section (Octopi, fishes and anchors), devils and flames, poker icons: Kings, Queens, Joker, hand-drawn suits, and many more not featured in here (FYI: I did not do the sports and angels though they are amazing!) These vector images are suitable for print work and are currently available for purchase through Ryonet. We are excited to finally start our next big project within the next few weeks (sorry I cant disclose the details, but trust me it will be amazing!). These images will also be available for individual page downloads at within the next few months, but in the mean time make sure to check out Max Pack 1 which also has a lot of good images.


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