Dragons, Dragons and More Dragons!

Happy Friday! Ready for the weekend? I am :) Like I promised, I'm back with the dragons I said I was going to ink this week. Here are some in progress shots and some finished ones as well.

Early stage in the inking. I start with the outer shape first before moving onto the finer details. The details/texture of the pencil serve more as a guide, not as final lines.

Close up of the bigger dragon

Look at all these dragons!

Since its Friday I decided to indulge in a tasty drink while I drew ;)

Also, I HAD to share how the new steering wheel looks in the space. P.S. recognize the work table/desk? I told you I use it for everything.
I also recorded some small videos of my process, which I hope to eventually share. Thanks for stopping by and reading. Hope you have a great weekend. On the list for next week are more dragons, fists, tiki masks, aliens and a few other things, so make sure to check back.




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