The Power of Hands!

Happy Friday again

I can't believe how fast this week went by. I am getting ready for a relaxing weekend and another vacation next week -  this time it will be to San Luis Obispo and and Santa Barbara, CA (SLO is about 230 miles away & SB about 130) so it should be a fun road trip. Before I go I want to share this week's progress.

I finished up the set of 10 dragons and 10 fists, but I have a feeling there will be more dragons in my future. I always think "the More the Merrier," right? I am sure glad I spent a semester studying head and hands with Don Lagerberg at CSUF because the fists were easier to draw than I expected. 

So here we go!

Pencil stage of the fists. I used Kimberly Graphite Drawing Pencils F* (*affiliate link - learn more).

I was unsure how this one would turn out... 

But I loved it! P.S. I recorded a minute long video showing some of the process of this, hope to share it soon after I figure out how to remove the sound.

Vulgar Vacation Alien...he doesn't want to be disturbed!

Last dragon...maybe. I use STAEDTLER pigment liners* for most of my ink drawings. (*affiliate link - learn more).

Today's progress. That's a lot of fists
Have a fun weekend. I'll be back with more new work after my holiday (I always wanted to say that!)



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