Detailed Mascot Drawings - Part 2

Happy Friday! How is your summer going? I don't know about you, but I am ready for the heat to go away and for the fall to get here. It's my favorite time of the year with leaves falling, cool days and guess... of course, Halloween! Until then I will draw, draw and paint to help the time pass :)

This week my biggest dilemma was getting a hold of my favorite F pencils. After drawing for so long, I know that F pencils work the best for my ink drawings. They are just perfect, particularly the green Kimberly graphite drawing pencils. Not too hard that they don't erase or dent the paper, and not too soft that they make dark, permanent smudges when erased. I went to Aaron Brothers, then Michaels, and Hobby Lobby and no luck. I even checked and they were out of stock! Luckily Amazon saved the day, I was able to find a box of 12 :) That should hold me up for a while.

So here is what I worked on the last few days:

Tiger mascot

An angry cougar

Close up of the cougar's eyes. I used .005 pigment liner to get these very fine lines.

Do you remember the horse from last week's post? I fixed it and made him angrier and more masculine

My last sea horse to complete the set of 10 
A close up of the sea horse. I used a thicker marker pen. Love the results in the line variations
I am so happy with how these detailed mascot drawings are turing out, I still have about 50 more to go! I've been itching for a more complex piece for myself but I still haven't figure it out. But I do know that my next project for myself will be painted on a gessoed artist panel.

Have a great weekend. Ciao!


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