Owl Ink Drawing

I am getting used to my routine of drawing every (weekday) afternoon, so I was a little sad that I didnt get to yesterday. I was hoping that after 3 days without drawing I would make some cool, new mascots and zombies, but it was just one of those days were things don't turn out as you want them. So instead of wasting my time working on something that wasn't happening I decided to work on a personal project. Here is what I drew/painted today. Its based on a photograph my boyfriend took at the Natural History Museum in L.A. I used sumi ink, a brush and my pigment liner pens. I am very happy with the results!

8x10" Ink on Illustration Board
The washes were made with sumi ink and that brush you see here. Do you like my "palette"? 

By the way my Kimberly F drawing pencils arrived on Saturday - way sooner than I was expecting them, they got here 3 days earlier than what the invoice said!

I'll see you later this week. Hopefully there will be more cool mascots.


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