Thank You and Happy New Year!

I hope your holidays went well and in the midst of all the busy-ness, hope you found some time to enjoy for yourself. I regret that my posts lately have been so sporadic, and random, however I do plan on getting back to more regular blogging like I was doing over the summertime.

Looking back at this year, 2013 has been an great one and I want to thank you for your support as a follower, customer and advocate of my art business. I am so thankful for all the wonderful things I have been fortunate to do this year: all the artwork I made, all the vacations and road trips, and all the wonderful people in my life. I got so many great Xmas gifts this year that I can't wait to start using them. Here are some of the art gifts:

A Matt Cutter! Always wanted one of these and my awesome boyfriend got it for me. Thank you Tommy!

A book about starting and running a successful creative design agency or freelance career.  Written by the president of my favorite studio GoMedia
My gift to myself: more color pencils!
Now back to business. 

I'm participating in the January 2014 Leslie Saeta 30 Day Challenge again. The challenge starts tomorrow. There are currently over 300 other artists signed up so join in on the fun! This time however, I'm changing the rules for myself. I'm not going to complete a drawing each day, as I am working on new artwork for a group show this spring. But I will be drawing and blogging almost every day. I have a portfolio to submit late in January and I know this challenge will keep me motivated to get it together. So have a happy New Year and I will be back here tomorrow.


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