30 Days of Drawing: Catching Up

Well, I don't know what to call this "challenge" anymore. I wasn't intending to do 30 completed paintings/drawings in 30 days, but I was planning to draw and blog almost every day. Well its day 7 of the January challenge. The good news is have a total of 6 line drawings completed so I'm not that far behind. I have to admit I'm a bit disappointed in my progress but I wasn't able to get anything done over the weekend due to home improvements - the roof was getting re-done and it was VERY loud, EVERYWHERE in the house. So I gave myself permission to not do any art and not feel guilty about it. Maybe it was a good thing because yesterday was a very productive day.

Here are the 6 line drawings:

I ran out of drawing boards so I stopped at 6 drawings.

This is based off a purse I altered during my younger punk rock days. 

Line drawing for BABS. Does this look familiar?
If you recognize this one you are a very loyal follower. I did the original version over two years ago in oil for my figure painting final in college. I don't remember the assignment objectives, but do I remember my professor Ben loved it. The model in the photo is my sister Lori who works in the service station at a car dealer. She is a powerful, intelligent, inspiring person so I thought it would be great to paint her as Rosie the Riveter. I want to spend more time on this than I did the first time and this time I'll be using color pencils.

Reference photo for BABS. Composed in photoshop.
Thanks for stopping by. Time to get back to the drawing board!


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