30 Days of Drawing: Day #2 or 3?

I missed a day :( so I might have to extend the challenge. We'll see…I have a lot of drawings to make for my show in April, I'm getting 40-50 feet of wall space! So that means I have a lot of work to do. A few weeks ago I showed the curator some of the small works I did for the last 30 in 30 challenge, and he loved the scale and encouraged me to keep working that size if I was comfortable with it. (Most were under 4 inches).

Since I have a lot of work to produce, my strategy will be to work on multiple pieces simultaneously. I'll do the prep work and line drawings first, then move on to the fun stuff. Here is the start of another. This one will be called Tools of the Trade.


  1. Nice work with one! Maybe I should look for my pencils too!... :) Good luck with the Challenge!

  2. Thank you Helen. Good luck to you as well!


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