30 Days of Drawing: Getting Organized & Developing New Habits

Well were officially past the first week of the year. How did that happen!? Compared to last year, I am already way ahead in my art count, so I am very happy about that. I'm posting yesterday's progress so I can spend the rest of the afternoon focusing on just drawing.

I spent about 4 hours working on BABS blocking in the colors of the background. As I was working, I was thinking of an efficient way to keep track of the pencils I am using for each drawing so I decided to put tape on the ends so I can label them for next time. I also started writing down the names of the colors on my "palette" which is just a leftover scrap of bristol board.

Under the drawing board is a memory foam lap desk with a USB light attachement. A Xmas gift from my older sister that I absolutely love! It's like an easel for drawing. I prop a big book under it to elevate it that way I don't have to hunch over. Goodbye sore neck!

Where I left off yesterday. You can see the USB attachment where the light plugs in. Also useful for reading & writing in the dark.

Close up of BABS in progress
Well that's enough for this post. I have work to do. I'll be back tomorrow.


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