30 Days of Drawing: Time to Breathe

I dropped off my portfolio for the 2014 Ontario Invitational yesterday at the museum. It was an entire package including an artist resume, artist statement, portrait of myself, and the artwork images.

I have been working like crazy these last few weeks to get the portfolio together. When I met with the curator last month he said to include images of all the artwork I plan on exhibiting, even if it is progress, because it needs to be approved prior to the show. It's nice to see how they are coming along together.

With the exception of 4, most are works in progress. I still have a lot to do to get them to the same level of detail and vibrancy as the other 4. I'm relieved that the deadline has been met and now I get to slow down to work at a more comfortable pace, focusing on each piece individually. This method of switching back and forth from drawing to drawing worked to meet the deadline but was driving me crazy and feel like I couldn't concentrate. But I am glad that I got all the drawings so far along and now I can work on my favorite part of adding details.

Next week I won't be posting or drawing much. I'm taking a vacation for Tommy's birthday. It was actually on MLK day but we decided it would be better to push it back a week. We are going to see Hearst Castle and will be staying in the area for a few days. I have to admit, I'm really looking forward to taking a break from all this work, after the holidays I felt so burnt out and need time to relax and do nothing creative. My brain feels like a scrambled egg right now.

Thank you for stopping by and I'll be back here in a week with some fun pictures to share.


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