Finally Back in the Studio

I'm finally back to my drawing sessions! I've been so busy taking care of other personal to-dos (like scheduling tax and other appointments, booking hotel rooms for future trips, marking up my calendar with important deadlines and events, etc.) These other activities were burning a hole in my brain, making me feel overwhelmed and keeping me awake at night. I don't like to wait till the last minute to get things done so I had to tackle them now.

It has dawned on me that I have 5 weeks left to work on my exhibit artwork. I gave myself an additional week to get everything matted and work out any last minute details - spraying fixative, matting and framing, etc.

Here is some more progress on the cat drawing. This one is getting to the fun stage. I'm going to work more on the background before getting to the actual cat and fur. I'm excited to work on all the fine details and highlights!

prismacolor cat drawing

Thanks for reading. I have to start drawing now.


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