Rise and Shine!

I'm up bright and early on this Saturday morning, ready to start another drawing session. I have a month left to work on my exhibit artwork. The artwork drop off dates are March 28-29 but I plan on using that week for matting, framing and any last minute details. The week before, March 17-20, I will be in San Francisco, so that means all my artwork should be done by March 15. It's crunch time!

Next week I will find out which drawings will make it into the exhibit. This week I got 2 of the drawings to the 90-95% completion stage. All that is left are the whitest whites, which I am trying to figure out what media to use. I was thinking white ink or white acrylic paint, since white color pencil doesn't seem up for the challenge.

color pencil cat drawing
"Nice to Meet You" at 90-95% complete. Can't wait to finish this!

Detail shot of another color pencil drawing

I have 7 more drawings to work on over the next 4 weeks, that will average to about 2 a week, which is a very realistic goal. After the 30 in 30 challenge, I know I have the discipline to get these done.

Thanks for visiting. Have a good holiday weekend!


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