Hanging in There

I missed my first post for this week. I've been so busy working on multiple projects. Everything has been grabbing at me saying "Me! Me! Me!" Well at least thats how I felt about everything this week. Deadlines. Lots of them. I can take a breath now.

The good news is I submitted my proposal for the Ontario Town Square mural. The bid closes tomorrow but I submitted mine today to avoid last (LAST) minute stress. The finalists will be announced next Friday. 

So here is what I worked on this week. I'm so excited with how this one is turning out!

color pencil portrait

I have 2 more drawings that are still in the 50-70% completion stage. I'm hoping to get them to 90-95% by Tuesday. The goal for next week is to work on the final details of all the artwork. I'm getting anxious to finish them, even if its at least one or two. I need some kind of closure. 

Also, I made the Facebook event for the Opening Reception of the exhibit, its a little over a month away! I saw some images of the other artwork in the exhibit - very strong work. I'm stoked! 

Thank you for reading, have a good weekend.


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