San Francisco Vacation + One More Week of Production

Its nice to be back. I feel like I haven't posted in a long time! Last week we were on vacation. We went to visit San Francisco and Cal Maritime since my sister got accepted into the mechanical engineering program. It is a very small state university with about a 1,000 students and they require most students to travel abroad the Golden Bear training ship. It was a very nice school, I'm looking forward to her decision in the next month (crossing my fingers she goes there so I can have an excuse to visit often).

We stayed in the Marina district of San Francisco,  close to the Golden Gate  Bridge and Lombard Street. We visited Alcatraz,  the Loved to Death store (as seen on TV), went shopping and on the way back stopped in San Simeon to do a Hearst Castle Tour (a different one this time), visited the seals and stopped in Cambria again. I love that place! Here are some pictures:

Alcatraz Island

One of the prison cells…I would probably do the same as this inmate if I was here

Looks just like it did in The Rock movie!

Lombard Street - it was an uphill climb to get to it!

Loved to Death store - So many eccentric antiques

This lamp shade in Hearst Castle is made from parchment and old scripts!

Mr. Hearst's private study room. I want one like this!

The seals in San Simeon were hiding in a private area

A neat little antique store in Cambria

My new favorite store Home Arts in downtown Cambria

This store has all Nautical home decor and arts. I was in heaven the entire time. 

I finally got to work on my exhibit artwork on Saturday, I also sent out the first batch of postcards to the mail. I have this last week left. All the art is due at the museum on Friday afternoon. Time to drink lots of coffee, put on some music and get to work!

Added the highlights using white Uni-ball Signo gel pens
I probably won't post again till I finish all the artwork. Thanks for reading!


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