April Recap - Where Did this Month Go?

April has pretty much come and gone. The opening reception for the exhibit was two weeks ago! I got to catch up with a lot of friends and family. I also had the opportunity to meet new people, which was very enjoyable. It was fun talking about my art, technique, ideas and inspiration. It was also fun talking to the other artists in the show. Below are some pictures. You can view more photos on my Facebook page as well.

The last few weeks have been spent on admin stuff -  took care of my quarterly income/expenses, sorting receipts, lots of paper work and other tasks that have to be done as part of running a business. With the exception of a few drawings for Reviation, I haven't done any art making - I'm starting to feel guilty about it! 

On Thursday the museum held their first poetry event - An Evening of Poetry with Cindy Rinne. I went not knowing what to expect and I got so much from it! Cindy read her poems, explained them and showed the textile fiber art that went along with them. It was great seeing and hearing her process and how she combines the two mediums to work together. She also shared some personal stories and was so vibrant, excited as she did so. I was inspired by how rewarding and enjoyable her life as an artist is. One thing that struck a chord with me was that she mentioned how after an exhibit, where she poured all her energy for 6 weeks - afterwards she didn't make any new art for a month or 2! I guess sometimes you have to give yourself a break. 

This next month is going to be very busy (like the last few months have been!) The exhibit will be up until May 25.  There is an illustrated lecture coming up on Saturday, May 10 from 1:30-3:30 PM with Daniel Foster, the juror of last year's open exhibit. This event is free but call the museum to reserve your seat (909) 395-2512. 

On Tuesday I'm headed out of town to Solvang, a Danish style town near the Santa Barbara area, to celebrate my belated birthday. In the next 6 weeks on my calendar I have two weddings, a short one-night Vegas trip, two birthdays, and then a trip to Seattle for a SAMPE engineering conference. That's a lot of things! I'm going to be working on some drawings for Reviation but I also hope to make some new fine art in that time too. 

Don't miss me too much!


  1. I enjoy reading your blog, how many followers do you have?

  2. Nice too btw

  3. Thank you Rissie! Not sure how many followers but the last time I checked there was over 35,000 page views! :)


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