Solvang Vacation and Upcoming Art Lecture

I'm back from my Solvang vacation. We stayed at the Mirabelle Inn, in walking distance from all the restaurants and shops on Alisal Road. We were there for 3 days, the hotel was lovely and the whole town was adorable! I would love to go back again. Below are some pictures:

Mirabelle Inn. I really liked this hotel, great location - close to everything.

Parlor where we had breakfast at the Mirabelle Inn.

Enjoying a delicious breakfast at a local diner.

One of the streets in the downtown area.

Ostrich Land USA, What an expexperience feeding the ostritches!

Picked up some artsy socks at The Sock Loft.

Cooling off under the Ventura Beach Pier.

We also got to see a miniature horse ranch and another ranch with miniature donkeys, goats, chickens and even a zonkey! I got to try some Æbleskiver, Danish pancake balls topped with raspberry jam and powdered sugar. So delicious! On the way back we stopped by the beach in Ventura since it was a hot day! It was a fun trip and Solvang is about a 30 minute drive from Santa Barbara. 

Well now were in May! And it's time to get back to work. I allowed myself the month of April off, guilt-free. May is going to be filled with personal events, some design projects and artwork for Reviation. I don't foresee any fine art this month :'( They say absence makes the heart grow fonder so lets hope thats true!

There is an illustrated lecture at the museum this Saturday, May 10 from 1:30-3:30 PM with Daniel Foster, the juror of last year's open exhibit. This event is free but reservations are required. Call (909) 395-2512 to reserver your spot. It will be interesting to see what Daniel Foster has to say about the artwork.

I hope to see you this weekend!


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