Summer Leisure

It's been a while since I've posted. I came across this article on the Press Enterprise about the construction of the Ontario Town Square Park. The opening date still hasn't been announced but I am eagerly waiting for an update. I look forward to visiting the park when it opens. Here is a photo of the bandstand from the front view. The tile mural is installed on the back of it.
Image credit MILKA SOKO/Press Enterprise. View slide show here.
The last few months I've been working on some commercial art and haven't done much personal work. I've been itching to get back into personal projects. I'm torn between realistic graphite drawings or some more graphic art. I dusted off my old rapidorgaph technical pens which I completely forgot I had! Here is what I worked on this week. When I started it I was thinking it would be more of a long, clean, neat graphic drawing but got impatient and made it more expressive.

I think I'm going with the graphic look on the next one. I want to experiment with width of lines and heavy contrast. See you next time (hopefully sooner than later). 


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