A New Beginning - 20 Portraits

I haven't painted or drawn much in the last few months - however, I did work on digital art and graphic design projects. The fall was a very busy time for me, a lot of traveling, moving in November, and lots of Holidays in December (birthdays a few Christmases). I was planning on getting to work in the studio right after Christmas but decided to give myself a few days off, guilt free to do nothing and recharge my brain juices.

I still miss my old bright beach-theme studio (mostly because of the ample lighting) but I'm getting accustomed to my new home studio-workspace. 

Old Studio
I definitely need more light but this is what I have for now. I decided to prep all my drawing surfaces, since I'm going to be working on 20 portraits this month for an upcoming exhibit in March. I cut all the papers to size and taped them to clip boards. They are going all going to be 5x7" and done in graphite. 

Now its time for the scary part - doing the actual drawings! I've been procrastinating, I think because I'm feeling a bit nervous in the back of my mind. Wish me luck! Its time to draw now.


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