Getting Disciplined and Meeting Deadlines

Deadlines work wonders for me! I don't know what it is about them but I will muster up the discipline to meet a hard deadline. They are very, very sacred to me. Today we had our portfolios due for the Invitational art exhibit to the museum. The artist packet due included an artist statement, artwork images (of the work we plan to exhibit in the show), an annotated image list, a resume and an artist headshot. I'm pretty good about updating the admin stuff on a more regular basis. I usually update my arts resume and bio whenever I have something new to add, like exhibits, awards, presentations, etc. But actually making new art is a whole different story!

Getting Disciplined

Two weeks ago I was working really slow and only painted when I felt inspired. With so much to do by the end of the month, I buckled down and got into a routine of working almost everyday. I've been keeping track of my hours (just like in a regular job), and my goal is to do a minimum of 10 hours a week. So far so good. I had to put the portfolio images together which meant mapping out/drawing the rest of the works. I submitted 12 images for review in total, 7 new concepts in addition to the ones I had already started. The works I submitted for review are in a variety of media - a few color pencil/mixed media drawings, oil paintings and even some paper mache sculpture ideas! I'm pretty excited to work in a variety of projects in different sizes and looking forward to enjoying this experimental process. I'll find out which pieces are approved in late February.

More progress on the tomatoes painting titled Fruit or Vegetable? I'm in love with this one so far! Its not as tight/smooth like my usual painting style
Detail shot - I really love the yellow seed in the middle with the blob highlights and I'm liking how the white paint looks like textured cake frosting
Studio view - I'm currently set up in the living room/dining room area right next to my desk/computer workstation. I like being in the same space as Tommy and Mr. Gold so it feels like we're still spending time together
Studiomate, Mr. Gold spying on me. He's always hanging out nearby when I work

Screen shot of the portfolio submitted for review. Some of the works are farther along than others - 3 are concept sketches for the paper mâché sculptures, the other 4 line drawings are for 5x7" color pencil drawings

It feels great to have the portfolio submitted and the drawings ready to get started! I feel much lighter and relieved now that I met that deadline. It also feels good to keep up with this blog, which helps me stay accountable. 


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