All About Food and Art

This week has been off to a slower start studio-wise. I've been working on some freelance design projects which have a solid deadline this week so I didn't spend as much time as I wanted to working on my own art this week.

I started blocking in the last 3 drawings for the exhibit with markers. It feels a little weird drawing candy canes (and Gingerbread cookies) outside the Christmas season but I'm still looking forward to getting farther along in this drawing. I'm excited to work on the highlights and shiny reflective surfaces for this one.

Close up detail shot - I used three different colors for the red - Carmine, Crimson and Mulberry.
I used Parrot and Dark greens for the candy cane. Mulberry and Violet for for the shadows.
Studio view of drawing.

I'm really looking forward to this drawing as well. I took the photo of a delicious Gordon Ramsay breakfast recipe we saw on YouTube. In the line drawing the close up view of the eggs and bacon over hash browns looks kind of abstracted without all the colors. I love the original photo as well and am going to get so hungry working on this one!

Line drawing in progress

Photo of the breakfast. Look how amazing that cayenne pepper, bacon and eggs look! Mmmm 👅😛 

This last drawing is in the awkward stage. The Gingerbread cookie is going to be completely covered in tan, warm browns. It looks very sickly at this point but it will get better. I used the chisel end of the marker as you can see in the inconsistent strokes on the yellow, but its ok because its serving as a underbase color.

More Food!

Since today is Valentines day, Tommy and I celebrated at home by making some heart shaped pizzas. Its a throw back to our First Valentines day when we went to Boston's and they surprised is with a heart shaped pizza.


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