Drawing Tools and Supplies for Color Pencil

I finished the cheeseburger drawing last night. Im so excited with how this one turned out! In total I spent about 10 hours working on this one - maybe close to an hour working on the line drawing and 9 hours working with the colors. If I hadn't used markers as an under base I'm sure it would not be finished yet. I'm really pleased with how this method of using markers and color pencils is working out so far. 
Tasty Burger, 7x5" Mixed media drawing (marker, color pencil and gel pen ink)

Detail shot - For the patty I used dark umber marker and went over it with orange color pencils and dark browns. The highlights were done with 20% Cool Grey. For the ketchup I used Carmine and Crimson red markers then went over it with Crimson Lake and Tuscan red. For some of the darkest areas I added Grass Green to make a deep, blood red. The lighter reflections are also 20% Cool Grey and the whitest highlights were added with white gel pen.

A studio/workspace view - to avoid smudging and staining the drawing I cover it with tracing paper or layout bond sheets. It helps to look at a large screen to capture the details from the reference photo. I listen to lots of podcasts when I draw, lately its been AHA (Artists Helping Artists)

Drawing Tools and Supplies

For drawings, I usually work on bristol board because I prefer the smooth finish but I finally ran out of it so I used 98lb Canson Mix Media paper which is suitable for Acrylic, Watercolor, Pen and Pencil. Since I had already experimented with it and liked it, I decided it would work for this piece well, plus it has been sitting around for years waiting to be used! Also shown below are my go-to drawing tools - Uni-Bal Signo white gel pen, a regular Pentel clic eraser, a pencil extender (I have 3 of these which I absolutely love!) and my Tombow Mono Zero ultra fine eraser. I also keep my Bostitch electric sharpener within arms reach for my color pencils.

Drawing tools mentioned above
And of course, I had to include Mr. Gold, Studio SuPURRvisor since he's always hanging around watching (or napping). The electric sharpener is on the right below my desk (which is blocked by Mr. Gold's head in this picture)


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