Mixed Media Burger Drawing WIP

Yesterday I spent about 5 hours total working on this cheeseburger drawing. (For the record, I cooked this bacon cheeseburger at home on my anniversary last November). I'm so excited with how its turning out so far! I'm using the Prismacolor art markers I bought myself for Christmas and my prismacolor pencils. 

I used the art markers to block in most of the ketchup, cheese, burger patty, tomatoes and the dark parts of the lettuce. It helped speed up the drawing!

Lots of greens went into the lettuce - chartreuse, dark green, true green, apple green and probably a few others.
Some of the early stages - the markers look good by themselves without color pencil on top. Maybe if I invest in a bigger set down the road I can do all marker drawings, my current set only has 12 colors.

This is the line drawing before I started adding any color. This is what I submitted with the portfolio. It looks kind of abstract and busy without color.   


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