Cooking the Bacon and Studio Updates

These last few weeks have gone by so fast! Lately I was feeling unmotivated and lazy uninspired to work on my art, but I'm slowly (very slowly) making progress on the work for the exhibit.

I'm happy to share some photos the work in progress. The bacon is not fully cooked yet. It still needs more color to make it look crispy, but I like the direction its headed so far. I plan to add more colorful shadows to the egg whites and the shadows in the yolks to give it more depth and dimension. I'm loving how the cayenne and ground pepper specks are coming along.

Breakfast of Champions (work in progress). 
Some more updates on the grapefruit drawing. I added more color pencil and detail on top over the marker. I also signed this piece. I don't usually sign my work and if I do its usually on the back.

I spent about 3 hours cutting strips of paper for the paper mâché sculptures. For the last few months, I've been collecting the store ads and junk mail to use as the base and stuffing for my sculptures. Its a relief to finally get rid of that pile that was growing in my kitchen. It filled an entire box! I still have another stack in my room that I'll eventually use up as well since the 3 sculptures will be about 21" H by about 24" W.

The stack of weekly ads and junk mail has been cut into strips. Eventually this paper will be repurposed into some fun food art!
Concept sketch for Donut Sculpture

Concept sketch for a Sundae Sculpture

Concept sketch for a giant Lollipop Sculpture


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