Cleaning Clutter, Artwork Piles, & Becoming the Pizza Masters!

It's currently the busy season at work and I've been starting to feel somewhat stressed so I decided to clean things at home. The bookshelf and desk have been accumulating junk and it was really bothering me seeing all the mess. When I feel overwhelmed it helps clear my mind seeing an organized space. It makes me feel calmer. I spent a few days sorting through the mess and throwing out things that aren't needed anymore. I was even able to clear a new bed for Mr. Gold next to my bookshelf and he loves it! He's been sleeping there for the last few days.

Mr. Gold on the left of the bookshelf. I feel so calm every time I sit at my computer now. I even organized my digital files again. I eliminated duplicate files and moved everything into folders and categories such as Artwork, Studio/WIP, Art Business (everything like resumes, proposals, etc. goes in here), Art Exhibits and Events, Website and Blog, Taxes, Personal Documents, Design/Client Projects, etc. I finally started uploading all the older photos from 2006-2011 that are in my external hard drive (I didn't even get to this when I uploaded the 7,000+ photos last fall!) It was nice being able to share the family photos with my sisters and look back through lots of old memories. 

For now I moved the artwork we brought back from the exhibit into the room, (where we don't spend much time so it won't bother me looking at this pile - out of sight, out of mind!) I've accumulated a paintings pile! If I make it into the Ontario Arts Festival I will have some inventory after all 😀

Since most of my creative brain energy is going into the projects at work, I haven't started working on the painting for the Dias exhibit. At least I know I'll be using a 20x24" canvas so that's a start. We've been spending our free time pouring our creative energy into making delicious foods. This week we made some fancy pizza 😋

Instead of the usual pepperoni pizza, we decided to add fresh jalapeños and some crunchy bell peppers. We're trying to make it a bit healthier adding some greens.

Our homemade pizza sauce is easy to make - tomato paste, tomato sauce, olive oil, garlic powder, basil, lots of oregano, salt and pepper

We added some leftover ground beef and some freshly grated Parmesan cheese since I had some on hand for another dish. Tommy was promoted to the crust maker since he's stronger and kneads a softer, perfect dough. It was so good!


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