My Exciting and Eventful Fall Season!

I love fall! And this Fall season is going to be very busy and exciting! Tom and I are engaged!!! We are getting married in early November to commemorate our 10 year anniversary. It was something we talked about last year when we were trying to figure out what to do for our centennial anniversary... but then we didn't really plan or seriously talk about it again until last Sunday when I was looking at all the upcoming events and deadlines on my calendar. I said "If we're really gonna do it then we need to decide now and do it." So we agreed and then shared the news with our families. Then it really hit us - WE'RE GETTING MARRIED! Both of our families were so excited and overjoyed. It was a really exciting, but emotionally overwhelming day. 

Ontario Festival of the Arts 

Saturday, September 15, 2018 • 11 AM – 6 PM
217 S. Lemon Avenue, Ontario, California 91761

Tom and I are sharing a booth at the Ontario Festival of the Arts. We extent a huge thank you to The Arts Area for sponsoring our booth. The Arts Area is a non-profit organization based in Ontario, California, led by my former Chaffey College art history professor John Machado and a board of directors made up of artists and arts professionals of this region. The Arts Area’s mission is to develop and support the creative industries - businesses, organizations, and individuals involved in producing cultural, artistic, and design goods and services.

Thank you to the Arts Area for sponsoring our booth.
We will have original art and some photo prints of Tom's work. We spent a lot of time this week re-designing Tom's business cards, creating postcards and other print materials to have on hand for the festival. All proceeds from this event will fund our honeymoon/vacation and upcoming wedding celebrations. I've enlisted the help of my niece Marissa to revive her role of Booth Personnel. It's been about six years since I've had a booth at an art event but if I remember they were always so much fun!

Festival map.

Día de los Muertos Exhibit: Remember Me

October 11-November 10, 2018 | Ontario Museum of History & Art
225 South Euclid Avenue, Ontario , CA 91762

Tommy and I exhibiting in the Ontario Museum's annual Day of the Dead exhibit, titled Dias de los Muertos: Remember Me. The opening reception will be on Saturday, October 13 from 1:00-3:00 PM. The artwork is due at the end of September, which means I need to make something! Tommy already started on one of his photos. He used my sister as his model again. Afterwards I will be flying out to Dallas for my fall conference from October 14-20. My sister will meet me there and we'll do some sight seeing, eat authentic Texas BBQ, visit the Sixth Floor/Kennedy Museum and of course the visit the Dallas Arts District

Celebrations and Vacation

In November we will be having a private civil union (just the 2 of us) and then we will be celebrating all month afterwards with family and friends. We're having two separate events. One with my side of the family - I have a huge family. We are expecting 60 guests! Another with his side of the family and our friends in the High Desert during Thanksgiving weekend. And finally, a small hangout with our closest friends. All the events are going to be laid back and non-formal, I don't even want to wear a dress or dance or do any of that stuff. The week after Thanksgiving we are headed up to the Sonoma (Wine) County in northern California. We were in that area 2 years ago and we loved every minute of it. We’re going to visit the Charles M. Schulz Snoopy/Peanuts museum in Santa Rosa. We’re doing a jeep tour at Safari West an African animal preserve and then we’ll drive down to the Point Sur Lighthouse in Point Reyes, and continue the trip down to Morro Bay since we’ve actually never stopped there to see the Rock. It's going to be so much fun!

The rest of this year is going to fly by so fast. It's going to be a lot of work and with all the excitement I'm trying to enjoy every minute of it and trying not to feel overwhelmed. I came across this nice article from Dreama, a painter I follow, and have applied her wisdom: 
I’m at peace in this moment. I only think about the one thing I am doing. 


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